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Giving Back

Carolyn Anderson Beautiful believes that to Do Beautifulis an internal extension of ourselves in which we support and assist those in need. To “Be Beautiful” is an external extension of how we see ourselves through the hands of what we do.

At Carolyn Anderson Beautiful our “Do Beautiful, Be Beautiful” program is partnering with a number of non-profits and foundations who are giving back to our communities in many different ways.  We are proud to support these programs and hope you will join in this effort to keep giving back the ‘GIVING BACK.’

Our “DO BEAUTIFUL, BE BEAUTIFUL” Giving Back Charities

The Potato Head Project:  This Foundation holds a unique place in the heart of Carolyn Anderson Beautiful. After a family member experienced the premature birth of twins and journeyed through the neonatal intensive care unit, we discovered this amazing program.  Since then, Carolyn Anderson Beautiful, along with family and friends, have partnered together to assist in all fundraising efforts.

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Minnetonka School S.A.I.L Program:  Carolyn Anderson Premier Salon & Wig Studio offers career support to graduates transitioning out of high school. These graduates are working towards independence in the working world. It is through Individualized Education Program (IEP) supported services that SAIL can exist. As such, our salon will provide a safe place to learn job skills and experience socializing in a fun and stress-free environment.

Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Foundation:  Another tight hold on the heart of Carolyn Anderson Beautiful. After a young family member was diagnosed with this rare genetic disorder, we partnered with the foundation to assist in raising money and awareness. The foundation’s goal is  to bring further medical attention and research to this program.

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DO Beautiful BE Beautiful Giving Back Photo’s

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