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Salon services
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Trichology Services

A Multi-Therapeutic Approach

Our products and light therapy work together as a part of our multi-therapeutic approach to generate the best results for your needs. We are here to work with you and obtain your desired outcome with in your budget.

Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy is a non-surgical treatment for hair growth. The light penetrates down to the dermal papilla and stimulates the cellular growth to encourage hair growth.


Our DHT blocking shampoo, nourishing conditioner, scalp cleaner and growth therapies all work together to create a healthy environment to regrow your hair.

Wig Services

Carolyn Anderson Salon specializes in custom wigs and hairpieces for men and women struggling with varying levels and forms of hair loss. Each piece we work with is priced based on customization needs and additional services required.

What to expect at your first appointment (approximately one hour):
Measuring your head
Discussion of wig styles
Discuss hair color options
Ordering your wig

Typically it takes 7-10 business days for a wig to arrive once ordered.

What to expect at your first fitting (approximately one hour):
Assess wig fit
Cut wig if need be
style wig with you
Discussion of care and products

If no further customization is necessary you may leave with your new wig after your first appointment. If further customization or adjustments are required we will schedule a final fitting.

What to expect from the final fitting (approximately 30 minutes):
Complete styling your wig
Discussion of care and products
Take your wig home


We also partner with AngelHair, Inc. A 501-(c)3 non-profit working to provide women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments with no-cost wigs.


If you have any questions about this process or wish to discuss further, please reach out via phone or email:


All wig sales are final.

wig services